About Us

The Executives’ Alliance for Boys and Men of Color is a philanthropic network of nearly 40 national, regional, and community foundations driven by a bold vision that all boys and men of color will enjoy full opportunity and inclusion in all the opportunities America has to offer. Our mission is to strengthen the philanthropic sector’s breadth, depth and coordination of investments, activities and leadership focused on expanding opportunities and wellness for boys and men of color, their families and their communities.

The Executives’ Alliance Strategy

Through strategic use of collective action and investments, and by elevating the collective voice of philanthropic leaders, Alliance members seeks to remove structural and systemic barriers and increase economic, educational, civic and health opportunities that strengthen individuals, families, communities and the nation as a whole.  The network pursues four main strategies:

1.  Increase philanthropic investments in boys and men of color.

2.  Elevate the public voice of foundation executives as field leaders committed to improving life outcomes for boys and men of color.

3. Develop strategic collaborations and opportunities for coordination amongst philanthropic institutions.

4.  Increase public will and policy attention to boys and men of color.

Other important principals guiding the network’s activities include:

♦ Focusing Explicitly on Racial Justice at the Intersection of Gender
♦ Prioritizing Systemic and Structural Change
♦ Shifting Public Policy for Long-Term Change the Local, State and Federal Levels
♦ Changing the False and Damaging Narratives about Boys and Men of Color
♦ Leveraging Public Dollars to Scale and Sustain Philanthropic Investments
♦ Focusing On Local Communities and Respecting Local Knowledge
♦ Disseminating Information about Best Practices
♦ Amplifying Youth Voice and Leadership to Inform Philanthropic Strategy

Membership Requirements

Membership in the Executive’s Alliance is restricted to institutions whose core business is grantmaking and related forms of philanthropic leadership. Basic membership requirements include the following:

♦ Active involvement of the President/CEO as a foundation’s primary representative
♦ Collection and sharing of key institutional data, practices, and learnings
♦ Tangible institutional commitments (monetary or otherwise) that align with the Alliance’s vision and priorities
♦ Commitment to engaging in ongoing interrogation of the foundation’s work
♦ Financial contributions (dues), based upon a sliding scale

Governance Committee

Robert K. Ross                              President, The California Endowment (Co-chair)
Tonya Allen                                  President, The Skillman Foundation (Co-chair)
William Bell                                  President, Casey Family Programs
La June Montgomery Tabron      President, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
John Jackson                                President, The Schott Foundation for Public Education
Leticia Peguero                            Executive Director, Andrus Family Fund
Patrick McCarthy                         President, Annie E. Casey Foundation
Clotilde Bode-Dedecker               President, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo


Damon T. Hewitt                       Executive Director
Dannese Mapanda                     Director of Finance and Operations
Morgan Shannon                       Program Manager
William Ché Nembhard             Program Associate
Tsjenna Daley                            Operations Associate


Interested in joining the Executives’ Alliance? Searching for more information? Please contact our staff team at admin@bantheboxphilanthropy.org.


The Executives’ Alliance is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.